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Dear Friend

The best school. The best education. The best exam results.

Yes – you want the very best for your child.

But do you know how to get it?

Throughout the country, a small group of parents are quietly giving their children an unfair advantage over the rest...

Super-smart parents are getting their children into the very best schools. (Even if they don’t live in the catchment area, or the schools are “oversubscribed.”)

Super-smart parents are requesting “secret documents” from the school that MOST PEOPLE don’t even know about – helping to guarantee a better education for their children.

Super-smart parents beat the system, by taking full advantage of grants, scholarships, private tuition, and Ofsted regulations.

Getting the BEST EDUCATION for your child is your RIGHT.

Most parents don’t understand how to beat the system.

But I’m going to teach you.

Read on to learn more.

Without a doubt, the best guide to the schooling system around. Highly impressed. I have no doubt that you've seriously improved Ben's future.”
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Stop Your Child EVER Having to Say "Fries With That?"

Most parents in the UK do NOT know their rights.

They throw their children into the closest school – and hope it does a good job. Outside of the occasional parents evening, most have little else to do with the education system.

Their children grow up, uninspired and disillusioned.  

Statistics prove that poor education ultimately results in an unhappy and unsuccessful life. Uneducated children are thrown on the scrap heap. Working for minimum wage in an American fast food restaurant.

Do you want that to happen to YOUR child?

What those parents don’t know is that – with just a little extra effort – they could TURN AROUND the life of their child.

You can get YOUR kids into the very best school (no matter what obstacles seem to be in your way) – AND help them receive the very best education possible – with just a FEW MINUTES WORK.

What are the INSIDER SECRETS you need to know?

I’m Mel McIntyre  – a leading teacher (and author) with over twenty years experience in some of the best schools in the country. I’ve worked with school inspectors, examiners, trainers and consultants in order to truly understand the system.

I know all of the little-known tricks and rights that MOST PEOPLE aren’t even aware of. Secrets that you can use no matter where in the education system your child is right now.

And I’ve put them all inside my brand new guide: “UK School Secrets.”

Inside it’s pages, you’ll learn EVERYTHING you need to know to get the best out of the UK education system.

Trust me. It’s EASY.

And I want to share everything I know.

With you.

If you're looking for an inside guide to beating the tricky UK school system - then this is it. It'll amaze you, and give your child a true advantage over the crowd.”
  - Karl Moore,

Stop Your Child EVER Having to Say "Fries With That?"

Would YOU like to give your child an unfair advantage over the rest?

UK School Secrets will show you how to get your kids into the best possible school – and how to ensure they receive the best education while they’re there.

We’re talking 65 solid pages, absolutely jam-packed with insider secrets to help you get the BEST from the system.

Inside its valuable pages, you’ll discover:


How to uncover the absolute TOP SCHOOL for your child!
(This one might surprise you. Clue: It’s not all about league tables!)

The TEN SEARCHING QUESTIONS that will tell you EVERYTHING about a school

SEVEN QUESTIONS you MUST ASK to determine how successful a school really is! (And how to switch to another if you’re unhappy!)

How Ofsted REALLY evaluates schools – and which NUMBERS are truly important

The TRUTH behind school league tables – and how to interpret them

THREE SNEAKY METHODS for outwitting the “Distance Rule

The LITTLE-KNOWN SELECTION CRITERIA used by schools to allocate places. (You can really use this one to your advantage!)

The SIX DOCUMENTS that your school SHOULD provide as soon as your child is enrolled. (They don’t always. Make sure you ask for these!)

The TWO WAYS that Ofsted can FORCE your school to IMPROVE

The SECRET SIX FILES that a school MUST show you on request.
(These files can REALLY help your child’s education!)

The LOCKED-UP educational records that YOU have the right to see – and how to use these reports to your advantage

How (and WHEN) to complain to Ofsted – including when it can really help you get QUICK results

How to RESOLVE ANY COMPLAINT quickly, and without hassle – using our simple four-step plan of attack

The THREE MAIN REASONS your child could get EXCLUDED – and how to ensure this NEVER becomes a problem!

FIVE METHODS used to deal with trouble in schools – and how these affect your child

The FOUR BIG FREEBIES that the majority of parents are entitled to, but most don’t even realize it!

The FINANCIAL BENEFITS offered by the school system – from financial assistance, to grants and scholarships! PLUS: How to claim the cash you never realized you were owed!

The BEST WAY to become a school governor – and the exceptional benefits the role can provide for both yourself, and your child!

How to benefit from a PRIVATE TUTOR – how they can help you, where to find them, and how the Government can PAY for them!

The NINETEEN ADDRESSES you MUST KNOW to help receive further advice and support, while beating the UK education system!

No matter where your children are in the education system right now, they can BENEFIT from this information.


Are YOU ready to give YOUR child the best possible education?

I was having issues getting into [my preferred school]. I followed the steps in your guide, sent the letter, and the decision was immediately reversed. Nice system, very very impressed customer. Thank you!”
  - C.F., High Wycombe, HP13 7ZL

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Bullying is the number one reason for teenage suicides. In this bonus guide, you’ll find almost twenty pages worth of information on how bullying starts, how to quash it, and what the school can REALLY do about it!

BONUS – Exam Secrets – The ABCs of Acing Exams! –

How to pass exams with flying colours! Covering everything from study sheets to confidence – with examples of “mind mapping”-style techniques to help improve memory!

BONUS – Super Foods for Smarter Children! –

Does chewing gum really help you concentrate? Do greens make you smart? This guide blasts urban food myths – and shows you what children should eat to help improve their IQ. Fantastic guide!


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Would YOU like to give your child the very best start in life?

It all begins with education.

If you can ignite their mind at this stage, you’ll be amazed at how far they can go.

This guide will help you get your child into the best school, enjoy the best education, and get the very best exam results.

By investing just £14.95 today, you’re ensuring your children NEVER work at a fast food restaurant… NEVER feel like the “dumb kid” in class... NEVER get bullied... NEVER feel the pain of terrible exam results... NEVER lose out...

With this guide, you’ll give your children public-school-style education – paid for by the Government.

It’s your RIGHT.

Take it.

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It’s a small price to pay.

I wish you all the very best – and thank you for your time today.

Highest regards,

Mel McIntyre
Mel McIntyre, Long-Standing UK Teacher
Author, “UK School Secrets””
Part of the WCCL Network


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